Clinical Psychologist at the San Diego Job Corps

Location: San Diego, CA, United States
Date Posted: 09-25-2017
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We are seeking a Clinical Psychologist to provide part-time Mental Health Services for the San Diego Job Corps Center Job Corps Center student body, located in Imperial Beach, CA.

PLACE OF PERFORMANCE: San Diego Job Corps Center, in Imperial Beach, CA.

WORK SCHEDULE: 18 hours per week (two, 9 hours days per week). Work will be performed during regular business hours, Monday through Friday, at times and days mutually agreed upon by the Psychologist and the Center Director or designee. Services are required 50 weeks per year.
BACKGROUND: Job Corps is a no-cost education and career technical training program administered by the U.S. Department of Labor that helps young people ages 16 through 25 improve the quality of their lives through career technical and academic training. Job Corps Centers have classroom facilities, hands on trade education, cafeteria, health services, recreational facilities, and dormitories. During the students’ enrollment (typically during 8 months), Job Corps assists students in attaining and maintaining optimal health by providing basic on-Center health services to include promotion, prevention, assessment, intervention, and follow-up care. In addition, Job Corps strives to educate students regarding the connection between maintaining a healthy lifestyle and being employable.
SCOPE OF WORK: The Job Corps Center is required by the Department of Labor to provide basic mental health services to students. The Job Corps mental health and wellness program is conducted by licensed mental health professionals involved in direct clinical services, staff development, consultation, and overall direction of the program. The general emphasis of the mental health and wellness program must be on prevention, early detection, identification of mental health problems, and helping students overcome barriers to employability. The program utilizes an Employee Assistance Program (EAP) approach which includes short-term counseling with an employability focus, referral to center support groups, and crisis intervention (such as emotional reaction to HIV testing, rape, suicidal behavior, death, or other serious loss). It is important to note that short-term counseling is defined as six sessions or less, for manageable conditions with periodic mental health checks as needed.

Staff Development: 
a. Provide advice to the Center Director and health services staff on all-mental health matters and overall Center programs and organizational consultation to the Center Director and administrative staff on a regular basis. This will include staffing requirements. 
b. Provide consultation on the development of a system to promote the coordination and integration of the mental health program with other Center programs and activities such as counselling, residential life, and recreation. This will be done in cooperation with the health services manager, Center physician, Center dentist and other health professionals, as well as any staff members involved with the students. 
c.  Provide advice and assistance to the health education instructors on the implementation of the Health Education Program. 
d. Provide consultation with the Center health staff, counsellors, residential advisors, instructors, and other appropriate staff concerning the ongoing mental health problems of students. 
e. Provide assistance with program development for the purpose of meeting the life crises of students in constructive ways. For example, being involved with the Center disciplinary program, the maximum benefits program and the AODA program. 
f. Assist with staff development on using mental health principles and techniques. This will include coping with problems of alcohol, drug use, sexuality, aggressive behavior and poor communications.

Clinical Services:
a. Provide advice to the Center Director on the advisability of student terminations for mental health reasons, and the cost of mental health services, including inpatient facility use.
b. Ensurance of the maintenance, confidentiality, and safeguarding of all necessary mental health records.
c. Issuance and maintenance of signed and dated standing orders regarding mental health matters in accordance with Technical Assistance Guide 6-Q.
d. Provide diagnostic and evaluative services to students who are inpatients or outpatients.
e. Provide limited forms of psychiatric treatment including crisis intervention, brief psychotherapy, intermittent supportive psycho therapy, psychotropic drug management and group psychotherapy, as permitted by licensure or accreditation.
f. Assist with appropriate referral for students who must be terminated for mental health reasons.

Clinical Services-AODA:
a. Provide clinical assistance to the AODA specialist. 
b. Participate in the intervention and management process.
c. Providing direct support for difficult cases.
d. Recommend PATs or medical terminations for alcohol/drug related diagnoses.
5. The Provider agrees too adhere to the policies, procedures, and guidelines established by JOB CORPS. The Provider and the Center further agree that the Provider will have primary responsibility under the Center Director's guidance to implement the program outlined above. The Provider with the concurrence of the Center Director may delegate by written and dated standing orders any of his/her responsibilities to appropriately qualified Center staff.

Must have the applicable state license at the level of a Clinical Psychologist.
Must have current DEA certification if applicable.


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