Dental Hygienist Services for FCC Oakdale

Location: Oakdale, LA, United States
Date Posted: 10-25-2018
We are looking for a Dental Hygienist to provide services on-site for the inmate population incarcerated at the Federal Correctional Complex (FCC) located in Oakdale.

Available Position: Dental Hygienist.
Facility Information/ Place of Performance: Services will be performed in the Health Services Department of the FCC, 2105 East Whatley Road, Oakdale, Louisiana 71463. FCC Oakdale is located in central Louisiana, 35 miles south of Alexandria and 58 miles north of Lake Charles. 

The Oakdale Correctional Complex (FCC) consists of two main facilities:
  1. FCI Oakdale - A low security Federal Correctional Institution that houses male inmates.
  2. FDC Oakdale - An administrative Federal Detention Center (FDC) with a satellite prison camp that houses minimum security male inmates.
Work Schedule: The contractor shall not normally exceed 30 hours per week. The contractor will normally work six (6) hours per day, five(5) days per week, excluding Federal Holidays. Work hours will be at a time mutually agreed upon between the contractor and the Health Services Administrator (HSA) or their designees. These hours may be adjusted to meet the needs of the institution.

Period of Performance:  One base year with the option to extend the contract for additional years, upon acceptable performance and all necessary state reviews and approvals.

Basic Scope of Work (includes but it is not limited to):
The contractor shall coordinate activities and work closely with the Chief Dental Officer of the institution in the treatment of inmate patients. The Contractor shall be responsible for, but not limited to providing: The Contractor is responsible for planning and directing the preventive health program, instructs patients in oral health care and for the administration of oral prophylaxis. Develop various teaching aids and preventive methods for the inmate population. Instruct patients, individual and in groups, in proper oral hygiene care using materials such as teeth models, displays, disclosing solutions, toothbrushes, and floss. Demonstrates proper techniques of brushing and flossing using toothbrushes, floss threaders, Perio-Aids, Proxabrushes, etc. Instructs patients on the nature of cavities and periodontal disease and the roll of etiologic factors such as diet, etc. Establishes dental health programs to educate various community groups which includes the general population and medically compromised patients (cardiac, psychiatric, physically handicapped, diabetic, hypertensive, and immunosuppressed). These lectures and demonstrations require the use of motivational techniques, dental aids, and educational materials. Performs complete oral prophylaxis to include; supragingival and subgingival scaling using ultrasonic scalers and hand instruments, polishes the teeth with abrasive pastes and rubber cups, and applies topical fluoride treatments. Provides therapeutic and preventative procedures for patients in all classifications of periodontal disease. Provides treatment for patients with advanced periodontal disease complicated by other dental and medical problems. Prepares patients for periodontal surgery by performing deep scaling and root planning therapy, recording pocket depth and severity of disease, and providing proper post-op care. Exposes, processes, and mounts intraoral, extraoral x-rays, including bite wings, periapical, occlusal, and panoramic films. Identifies calculus and signs of periodontal disease. Maintains specialized equipment and manages dental hygiene supplies in the dental clinic. Maintains small specialized preventative equipment at an acceptable level working order. Sharpens preventative instruments and maintains an adequate inventory. Coordinates stocking and security of dental hygiene instruments and supplies. Instructs others in the dental clinic on proper use of new preventative care instrumentation and equipment. Provides therapeutic and preventative procedures for patients by performing expanded duty functions including reversible restorable procedures, post-op treatment, suture removal, administration anesthetic (if trained). Documents and maintain records regarding all treatment for inmate patients using standard dental forms provided. Be knowledgeable of all infection control techniques and be able to apply them.

Inmate Management: Provision of services under this BPA will require frequent and unsupervised contact with inmates. The contractor will NOT be responsible for the management of inmates other than to insure those inmates involved in activities within the contractor's scope of work shall abide by all rules in effect to insure their safety and well-being.

Position Requirements/Qualifications
The Contractor shall meet the following qualifications:
a. Be a graduate of an American Dental Association approved school of dental hygiene;
b. Be a registered Dental Hygienist, or pending registration; 
c. Be licensed, or pending licensure, to practice dental hygiene in any of the states or territories of the United States of America; and
d. Must be a US Citizen

The contractor shall NOT:
1. Supervise inmates
2. Supervise Bureau of Prisons Staff
3. Participate in inmate accountability
4. Requisition, sign for or pick up supplies
5. Formulate policy or procedures
6. Attend recalls or staff functions


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Recruiter Manager
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