Radiologic Technologist, FCI Marianna

Location: Marianna, FL, United States
Date Posted: 10-16-2018
Available Position: Radiologic Technologist.

Place of Performance: Services will be performed in the Radiology Rooms located in the Health Services Departments in the Federal Correctional Institution, Marianna, Florida - - FCI and Shawnee Unit. The physical address is 3625 FCI Road, Marianna, FL 32446.

Facility Information: The Federal Correctional Institution (FCI) in Marianna, Florida, is a medium security facility housing male inmates. An adjacent satellite prison camp houses minimum security female offenders. FCI Marianna is located in the Florida panhandle, 5 miles north of the town of Marianna and 65 miles west of Tallahassee, off Highway 167.

Work Schedule: The contractor will normally provide eight (8)hours per day, 5 days per week, excluding Federal Holidays. Work hours will normally be between 07:30 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. with a 30-minute unpaid lunch break. These hours may be adjusted to meet the needs of the institution. The contractor shall not normally exceed 40 hours per week.
Period of Performance: from date of hire until September 30, 2023 and it can be extended for an additional six (6) months.

Scope of Work:
  1. The current radiological equipment provided at the institution is a Siemens CR machine and a GE Digital Machine. Knowledge of CR and fully digital equipment is preferred but not required.
  2. Perform routine radiologic procedures ordered by the medical staff for the inmate population at the institution.
  3. Transmit, retrieve X-ray images and reports electronically, and scan reports into inmates’ Bureau Electronic Medical Record (BEMR).
  4. Receive training to retrieve radiographic consults from BEMR and schedule them to perform all radiographic procedures.
  5. Work with an inmate population from a variety of cultural, racial, religious and ethnic backgrounds.
  6. Evaluate radiographic equipment for calibrations and repairs.
  7. Possess knowledge of basic emergency situations that may occur during special radiographic procedures.
  8. Schedule exams and maintain records.
  9. Possess knowledge of various pathological abnormalities as demonstrated by radiographic imaging.
  10. Independently assess and select technical exposure factors and positions necessary to obtain a proper quality diagnostic exam. Receive patients and explain procedures to alleviate undue anxiety. • Independently perform all radiographic procedures; i.e., chest, bone, skull, spine, and portable x-rays, etc.
  11. Notify Radiologist, or referring Physician of any preliminary abnormalities seen while patient is undergoing an exam, so that additional views, or exams can be ordered if needed. • Coordinate transfer of patient radiologic records to ensure continuity of care.
  12. Work with Clinical Director to ensure monitoring and evaluation activities are completed.
  13. Act as liaison between radiologist and medical staff.
  14. Receive training and orientation and comply with correctional techniques as they pertain to medical services.
  15. Develop a working knowledge of the local medical protocols.
  16. Wear outer protective clothing and obey Center for Disease Control universal precautions at all times.
  17. Function in other duties commensurate of a Radiology Technician.
  18. Computerization and printing of daily log
  19. Computerization and printing of exam requisitions
  20. Printing of all folder and exam labels
  21. Completing all x-ray studies ordered by the medical staff
  22. Preparing x-rays for shipment to the radiologist for interpretation
  23. Transport of x-rays to radiologist for interpretation
  24. Transport all x-rays from radiologist after interpretation
  25. Assisting the staff with maintenance of equipment and supplies, and notifying staff when supplies are needed
  26. Conducting quality assurance tests and daily maintenance on x-ray equipment as needed
  27. Assisting with FDA inspections and preparation for TJC and program review as needed
  28. Assuring that all x-ray requests are completed properly
  29. Computerization of patient logs and repeat analysis
Attire: The contractor is expected to wear professional clothing while on duty (scrub uniforms are approved). The attire worn shall also be appropriate for the correctional environment in which the contract employee will be performing.

Education and Experience:
  1. The contract employee shall be fully licensed to perform radiological procedures by the American Registry of Radiologic Technologists.
  2. The employee should also be licensed in any state within the USA. 
  3. He/She must have at least three or more years of experience.
  4. Background clearance packets submitted by potential contractor employees shall be accompanied by a certified or photostatic copy of their current license.
  5. The Contractor must be Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) certified, in accordance with the American Heart Association or American Red Cross.
  6. The contractor must possess and submit with their quotation, evidentiary documentation of their graduation from an accredited school of radiology technology.
  7. The qualified individual selected to perform these services on behalf of the contractor must be identified at the time the quotation is submitted.
  8. Verification of credentials (state licensed if applicable federal licensed). Proof of Insurability Verify certification in CPR
The service is a contractual arrangement and not a personnel appointment.

We provide benefits to all employees.

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