Expanded Duties Dental Assistant (EFDA), FCI Miami

Location: Miami, FL, United States
Date Posted: 07-13-2018
Global Empire, LLC (GHG) is a Healthcare Staffing Company specialized in providing reliable and qualified healthcare professionals for Government contracts nationwide
We are seeking a Dental Assistant at the Federal Correctional Institution (FCI) Miami, (which includes the Federal Prison Camp) located in Miami Florida. 
Available Position: Expanded Duties Dental Assistant
Place of Performance: Health Services Department of the FCI/FPC Miami, located at  15801 SW 137th Avenue, Miami, FL 33177.

Work Schedule:  The work schedule will normally consist of 30 hours per week. It is anticipated that the Dental Assistant contractor will work six (6) hours per day, five (5) days a week, Monday-Friday, 7:30 am to 2:00 pm, excluding federal holidays. The schedule will include a 30 minutes unpaid lunch break. The schedule is subject to change depending on the needs of the institution. 

Due to the nature of the correctional setting, delays in performance of work may be experienced. Such delays may include, but not limited to, inclement weather, electrical or mechanical problems, or other security concerns.

Contract Period: Five (5) years (60 months), rewed on an annual basis.
The Dental Assistant is responsible for the provision of, but not limited to the following:
The Dental Assistant will perform chair‐side dental assistance in the following dental disciplines: operative, prosthetics, endodontic, periodontics, radiology, and oral surgery.  
Sterilization and disinfection techniques of instruments will be required, as well as, administrative functions, such as, filing, scheduling appointments, and inventorying supplies.  Services will be provided in the method as considered normal in the local community.   
The Dental Assistant will work with the Dental Officer or his/her designee.  
Dentistry work is performed on a daily basis or as the procedure or patient's need(s) dictate.  
Many other assignments are stated in general terms, which require a high level of understanding and initiative to complete the assignment.  
The Dental Assistant will be required to use his/her training and practical experience, the Dentist's preferred methods, and current journals or manuals to establish the guidelines by which his/her duties can be accomplished. 
The Dental Assistant(s) will be required to perform a wide range of intra and extra‐oral procedures.  
Those procedures require a broad knowledge of dental anatomy, and require a wide variety of accepted techniques and manual dexterity to accomplish.
Position Requirements/Qualifications 
Dental Assistants are not required to be licensed in the State of Florida, However, by rule of the Board, in order to perform expanded duties, the Dental Assistant must possess formal training as required in the Florida Administrative codes.  
The individual(s) providing Dental Assistant services under this contract award must have a Radiology Certification; be certified in Cardio‐ Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) in accordance with the American Red Cross or American Heart Association;
Must have have one (1) year work experience involving dental radiology and a total of 18 months of work experience as a Dental Assistant.
Must have graduated from a Dental Assistant program accredited by the American Dental Associations’ Commission on Accreditation, including courses in radiation physics, radiation biology, radiation health, safety and protection, x‐ray films, radiographic film quality, radiographic techniques, processing techniques, and film mounting.  
The Government may substitute additional education for work experience.   
Attire:   The contractor is expected to wear professional clothing while on duty.  The attire worn shall also be appropriate for the correctional environment in which the contract employee will be performing.

PLEASE NOTE: US Citizenship is a requirement.

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