Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN), Gillis Long Center

Location: Carville, LA, United States
Date Posted: 06-05-2018
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We are seeking an experienced Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) to provide services at the NHDP Independent/Assisted Living Facility at the Gillis Long Center, locate at 5445 Pont Claire Road in Carville, LA.​

Available Position: Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN)
Place of Performance: 
NHDP Independent/Assisted Living Facility at the Gillis Long Center, locate at 5445 Pont Claire Road in Carville, LA.​​

The National Hansen's Disease Programs (NHDP), Baton Rouge, Louisiana is a specialized Federal medical facility for the treatment of persons with Hansen's Disease. The NHDP, operated by the Federal Government since 1921, has statutory responsibility to provide care for outpatients with Hansen's Disease. The Carville facility serves as living quarters to outpatients who are diagnosed with Hansen’s disease and are referred from Ambulatory Care Clinics or private physicians for medical services. This facility is located approximately 25 miles from Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

Work Schedule: Core hours of operation are Monday through Friday from 3:30 PM through 8:00 AM and Saturday and Sunday 24 hours a day, including holidays. There shall be two primary LPN’s that shall perform at least 64 hours per pay period or 1664 hours per year. Alternative LPN’s may be utilized but there shall be two primary LPN’s providing services under this contract.

Period of Performance: The period of performance shall be for one 12-month base period, plus four 12-month option period (5 years). Exact dates shall be specified at time of award, anticipated start date is August 1, 2018.

Scope of Work: 
Evaluate and treat patients, perform hand screens as needed, and refer patients within one (1) day to specialty clinics with hand problems and other functional needs. The Contractor shall Prepare the outpatient for labs, diagnostic procedures and specialized tests as ordered by the physician. Staff shall provide verbal prompts to assist outpatients in readiness for medical appointments.
Follow the prescribed plan of care by the NHDP physician and report adverse effects as needed.
Assist outpatients with their pre-operative and/or post-operative surgical instructions, such as; recuperative phases of surgery, perform ongoing assessments, provide status updates, perform wound care and dressing changes, perform nasal and eye irrigations, and administer antibiotics.
Reinforce and support outpatients who present or have cognitive and/or physical impairments.
Document nursing actions in nurse’s notes and submit the note for scanning into the electronic medical record.
Provide oversight by accompanying and remaining with outpatients while eating in the dining facility to ensure their compliance with the Carville Facility dress codes and regulations. Any concerns or problems with noncompliance shall be reported to the COR.
Position Requirements/Qualifications:
License/Certifications: The LPN must hold a full, current, and unrestricted license/certification in the State of LA.
Lifesaving Certifications: BLS Certification 
Education: Must be a graduate of an accredited licensed practical nurse degree program.
Female- dress, pants suit or culottes, tailored as a uniform with sleeves and appropriate neckline (jumpsuits and jeans are not acceptable)
Male – Shirt or tunic top and trousers.
Lab Coats: White or one which matches pants/tunic
Shoes: White, V/bite with medium to dark blue trim
Hose/Socks: White
Sweater: Cardigan, solid color (navy, black or white), unadorned, worn over uniform.
Jewelry: Ear wire or stud earrings, wedding ring and band watch only.
Badge: The Government will issue contractor name badges, which shall be worm at all times above the waist. The badges will be left in the work area at the end of the work shift. Badges shall be returned upon termination of employment or contract.




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Recruiter Manager
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