Speech and Language Pathologist

Location: Indianapolis, IN, United States
Date Posted: 04-02-2018
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Available Position(s): Speech and Language Pathologist to review and evaluate computer and/or paper disability claims in which a speech and/or language impairments are alleged.

Work Location: Indiana Family and Social Services Administration/Division of Disability and Rehabilitative Services/Disability Determination Bureau

Scope of Work: Speech and Language Pathologists will review claims (either on paper or on the computer; at this time at least 99% of claims are computerized charts) and provide advice as to the severity of the impairment or advise if additional medical evidence is needed in order to make a decision. It is the intent of DDRS to contract with a vendor(s) that provides quality medical doctors, doctors of osteopath for review of claims services to DDRS. The Disability Determination Bureau (DDB) is the agency responsible for making the medical decisions for individuals who have filed for Social Security Disability (SSDI) and Supplemental Security Income Disability (SSI) benefits (Title II and Title XVI of the Social Security Act) This program is 100% federally funded through the Social Security Administration (SSA). Since the inception of the disability program administered by the Social Security Administration, the Social Security Administration has had an agreement with each state that the states will maintain an Agency who will make the medical decisions of such claims. Given SSA’s initiative to computerize case processing, at least 99% of cases can only be accessed and reviewed on an SSA secured computer. The review process for Social Security disability claims is an iterative process in which disability examiners send cases to medical/psychiatric/SLP consultants for advice, approval of medical procedures that may place an individual at risk and advance testing. Whenever a Consultative Examination (CE) is needed to complete the case evaluation, the MD/DO suggests the testing/exam and signs off on the CE Request.

Chart Review Services, vendor will be responsible:
a) review and evaluate all adult and child claims which have a speech and/or language component
b) evaluate evidence to determine its adequacy for making disability determinations
c) assess the severity of impairments and describe the functional limitations imposed by impairments based on clinical information relative to speech and/or language status and abilities
d) review consultative examination reports for deficiencies in content and resolving the issues through the appropriate DDB staff
e) review and evaluate claims at all levels e.g. initial filing, reconsideration and continuing disability review
f) process a minimum of 200 finished claims per week (based on current case load)
g) process out of state claims as needed and/or directed
h) review and evaluate cases within 48 hours of case assignment
i) enable the DDB to maintain timely case processing with case mean processing time (MPT) of 65 days or less
j) maintain case decisional accuracy of 95% or better k) Utilize applications within SSA system, including Electronic Folder (EF), eView, DMA, eForms and Electronic Case Analysis Tool (eCAT)
l) review and evaluate claims using SSA’s electronic case analysis tool (eCAT) m) provide training pertaining to the evaluation of speech & language claims per SSA program policies and guidelines to adjudicative staff as requested by DDB management n) provide consultative services pertaining to the evaluation of medical claims per SSA program policies and guidelines to non-production adjudicative staff (e.g. Professional Relations Officers and Quality Support staff)

Work Hours:  the minimum number of hours evaluators should be in the office is 12 hours per week.​

Position Requirements/Qualifications
Must be a licensed Speech and Language Pathologist 
Must have a minimum of five (5) years of experience in reviewing and evaluating Social Security Administration disability claims and that has sufficient experience to meet performance metrics set by SSA for DDB chart review and evaluation.

Ana Rowling
Recruiter Manager
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