X-Ray Technician, FCI Elkton

Location: Elkton, OH, United States
Date Posted: 03-23-2018
Global Empire, LLC (GHG) is a Healthcare Staffing Company specialized in providing reliable and qualified healthcare professionals for Government contracts nationwide. 
We are seeking a qualified X-Ray Technician for an available contract opportunity to provide services for the inmates incarcerated at the Federal Correctional Institution Elkton, OH.
Available Position(s): X-Ray Technician.
Place of Performance: Federal Correctional Institution (FCI) and Federal Satellite Low (FSL), located 8730 Scroggs Rd,  Elkton, Ohio 44415.   Services will be for the Health Services Department.

Work Schedule: The X-Ray Technician will conduct an estimate of 30 hours per week.  Hours will be scheduled between the hours of 6:00 A.M. and 4:00 P.M. Monday through Friday, normally working six hours per day, excluding Federal Holidays.  If a schedule performance occurs on a Federal Holiday, the schedule maybe adjusted to make up for time lost.  Due to the nature of the correctional setting, delays in performance of work may be experienced.  Such delays may include but are not limited to inclement weather, electrical or mechanical problems, or other security matters. 

Period of Performance:
05/01/2018 through 04/30/2019
Description of Services (includes but it is not limited to): 
Perform all requested X-ray examinations ordered by the health care providers.
Knowledge and use of GE Definum 800 and Definium 5000 digital x-ray machines. 
Perform Quality Assurance Protocol weekly maintenance.
Knowledge and use of Fuji, Dri-Pix 5000 image copier for digital radiologic equipment.
Alter and QC digital images and send digitally through a MedWeb and StatRad internet system.
Coordinate the quarterly Institution wide Occupational Radiation Exposure Program.
Operate equipment for contracted service support staff for repairs and maintenance of equipment.
Operate equipment for FDA Inspector during the Radiological Safety and Compliance Survey.
Maintain exposure log books.
Perform radiological exams on all leaded protection in medical and dental every 6 months and maintain copies of readings as verification.  
Maintain paper filing system for patient encounters and final reports.
Maintain and file x-ray CDs and/or films of inmate population, and send existing results upon inmate transfer.
Maintain and file MRI/CT/Ultrasound CDs and or films of inmate population, and send existing results upon inmate transfer.
Be able to make copies of x-ray/MRI/CT/US CDs to send to external entities requesting copies for consultative visits.
Knowledgeable in the use of computer programs and e-mail.
Become knowledgeable with the use of the BOP MEDWEB site, to include transfer of films to Stat Rad.
Become knowledgeable with the use of Stat Rad to submit radiological request forms and print  radiological results for the appropriate physician signature.
Become knowledgeable with Bureau of Prisons Policy and Procedure for operation of radiological equipment.
Work in a correctional environment.
Process X-ray orders off the computer based system and perform appropriate testing.
Assist with the gathering of information for IOP reports.
The X-ray technician will submit quarterly reports printed from their computer of the total of draws for that period.  
Other job related responsibilities required for a licensed X-ray technician.   

Uniform Requirements: The contractor must wear appropriate and professional attire at all times.  The contractor is prohibited from wearing khaki, bright orange, white, or green clothing of any type as this is the color clothing the inmate population wear.
Academic, Experience, and/or Special Qualifications Required:
The Contractor’s employee providing X-Ray Technician services must have a medical/technical background obtained through education or on the job training in the X-Ray field and be a high school graduate or equivalent.
The Contractor’s employee must have an active radiologic license through a recognized licensing authority. 
The contractor must have computer and typing skills. 
The contractor must have experience working as an X-Ray Technician.  


Ana Rowling
Recruiter Manager
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GHG is an Equal Opportunity Employer
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