Dental Assistant, FCI Big Spring

Location: Big Spring, TX, United States
Date Posted: 02-28-2018
Available Position: Dental Assistant
Place of Performance: Health Services Unit of FCI Big Spring, Big Spring, Texas 79720.
Work Schedule: May be assigned to any schedule as the need arises, primary period of duty is during the day shift 7:30-4:00, Monday through Friday, except for holidays..

Period of Performance:  May 1, 2018 through April 30, 2023.
Scope of Work:
Assists Dental Officer in dental specialty sections: restorative, oral surgery, periodontics, prosthetics, and examinations.
Retrieve patients' records and escorts patients to proper dental specialty section; seats and prepares patient for attending Dental Officer; assists Dental Officer by preparing dental instruments, essential materials, drugs and medications; passes instruments, retracts tissues, irrigates oral cavity, and operates aspirator; observes patients' responses, and assists patient for dismissal from Dental clinic; gives instructions for subsequent dental appointments; makes necessary entries on dental treatment records; prepares dental treatment room for next patient; assists in the treatment of emergency cases.
Maintains dental equipment; cleans, sharpens, and sterilizes instruments; performs daily inspection of equipment, and makes minor repairs; reports defective equipment, or utilizes corrective action.
Performs routine oral prophylaxis of the clinical crowns of teeth; uses dental hand instruments, mechanical instruments (including ultrasonic), oral hygiene aids and prophylaxis paste to provide necessary oral prophylactic services; prepares entries for patients' records; selects and applies medication in proper portion and anticariogenic agents to surfaces of teeth; applies medication prescribed by a dental officer to gingiva to promote healing.
Fabricates and repairs dental prosthesis and appliances under supervision; performs procedures pursuant to fabrication and repair of complete denture prosthesis and removable partial prosthesis, using acrylic resins and porcelain as basic materials;
Takes radiographs of patients using standard dental radiographic, panelipse, cephalometric, and transcranial equipment; obtains diagnostic quality periapical, occlusal, lateral, jaw, TMJ, and panographic radiographs; correctly positions patient and film and determines level of radiation intensity to minimize radiation exposure of patients;
Develops, fixes, washes, and dries radiographic films using automatic developing units.
Other duties as assigned.

  1. Completed a Dental Assistant training program and graduated from an accredited school for Dental Assistants (Send proof of certification and/or degrees).
  2. Proof of Certification of License/Registered as a Dental Assistant.
  3. Proof of Certification or permit for use of dental X-Ray Equipment.
  4. Proof of Current ACLS and/or BLS.
  5. Possess a minimum of 1 year experience within the preceding 3 years.
  6. References: Supervisory and Professional references.
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Recruiter Manager
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