Temporary Administrative Support Services

Location: Auburn, WA
Date Posted: 02-06-2018
Global Empire, LLC (GHG) is a Healthcare Staffing Company specialized in providing reliable and qualified healthcare professionals for Government contracts nationwide.

Available Position: A
dministrative Support Services
Work to be performed at:  
General Services Administration Northwest Arctic Region - Region 10, Regional Headquarters Building (WA0811), 400 15TH Street SW, Auburn, WA 98001.

Work Shifts: The normal operating hours are Monday through Friday (excluding Federal Holidays), from 6:00 AM to 6:00 PM PST. A normal workday will be eight paid hours, with a required 30 minute non-paid lunch break. Actual tour of duty may vary for each employee as determined by the COR based on the needs of the office in which the employee works.

Period of Performance:  six month base period, along with one six (6) month option period to be exercised, if needed.

Services to be provided include:
Records Management: will assist GSA staff with managing GSA’s records and reference materials in accordance with the GSA File Plan. The contractor will send closed files to FRC/NARA, completing required documentation and arranging for pick-up of files to be transported to the National Archives and Records Administration/Federal Records Center (NARA/FRC).

Supply Management and Distribution: will manage GSA’s supply inventory, including: disburse supplies to supply points and, at times, employees, track supply disbursement, provide just in time inventory replenishment methods, recommend the optimal type and mix of supplies based on usage trends and cost, seek and advise GSA on low cost alternatives, and generate monthly reports on all supply activities, with more frequent reports available upon request

Physical Inventory (Asset) Management: will manage, disburse, track, maintain, report on various physical inventory items. Where applicable, the offeror will also track use and warranties for this physical inventory, informing GSA of any required maintenance or repairs required to ensure continual availability to GSA personnel.

Government Owned Vehicle (GOV) Management: The contractor manages the reservations and coordinates the maintenance/repairs for Federally owned vehicles used by GSA staff for site visits and other local travel. Currently, there are 13 Government Owned Vehicles (GOVs), but the number of vehicles can change over time. The contractor must perform daily administration tasks, including reservation system data input, and assist GSA personnel in the management of vehicles.

Multi-Functional Device Management: will manage the MFDs at the GSA Regional Headquarters Building. The MFDs are located throughout the building and on two floors.

Space Management & Mobility Support:  will be required to configure, monitor, maintain, supply and work with GSA personnel to ensure the space is set up to meet GSA’s needs. This includes the set-up larger rooms for events and meetings as well as daily upkeep of all rooms and mobile workstations not assigned to GSA employees. For larger meeting rooms, this work includes setup and coordination for events and training classes. For smaller conference rooms and individual workstations, the contractor’s responsibilities include “house-keeping” services.

Reservation System Management: The offeror will be required to work with the GSA workstation and conference room reservation system. The reservation system management includes but is not limited to:
● Making reservations for GSA employees as needed
● Modify or delete reservations for employees as needed
● Contact and work with GSA associates on room reservations when reservation conflicts occur

Shred Bin Management: shall coordinate with a local shredding service vendor to provide for GSA shredding needs. The shred bin management includes but is not limited to:
● Monitoring all shred bins in the building on both floors for paper levels
● When ¾ of the bins are full, let GSA personnel know that shredding services are required
● Coordinate with local vendor to have the shred bins emptied or contents shredded onsite

● Clerical Management
Answering and directing phone calls to the appropriate parties. ● Making phone calls ● Taking and distributing messages ● Organizing and scheduling appointments for outside contractors per COR or supervisors requests ● Organizing and coordinating meetings ● Handling inquiries and incoming work requests through email and/or phone line ● Maintaining filing systems ● Compiling records of office activities ● Sending emails ● Preparing and sending outgoing mailings and packages ● Typing documents and correspondence ● Checking and entering data ● Updating and maintaining databases ● Coordinating work flow ● Keeping mobile office area organized and functioning properly
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Ana Rowling
Recruiter Manager
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