Medical Clerk, Portsmouth Naval Medical Center

Location: Portsmouth, VA, United States
Date Posted: 01-31-2018
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Available Position:
 Medical Clerk - Medical clerical services in the Medical Home Family Medicine/Primary Care Clinic of Naval Medical Center, Portsmouth, Virginia.  
The place of performance is Naval Medical Center, Portsmouth as follows:
  1. Force and Family Medicine Clinic at Naval Medical Center Portsmouth VA
  2. Medical Home Family Medicine/Primary Care Clinic at Sewells Point Clinic, Norfolk VA
Scope of Work: The purpose of this order is to provide the necessary level of administrative support required, satisfying the overall operational objectives of each subject department at Naval Medical Center, Portsmouth.

Duties include, but are not limited to the following:
This position requires a familiarity with the terminology of the office unit.  Shall make selections of appropriate methods from a wide variety of procedures or make simple adaptions and interpretation of a limited number of substantive guides and manuals.  The clerical steps often vary in type or sequence, depending on the task.  Recognized problems are referred to others.
Each employee shall complete various training programs such as SWANK, CHCS, AHLTA, MHS Learn, ESAMS and Navy Knowledge Online.
All employees of Naval Medical Center Portsmouth are expected to comply with current HIPAA regulations.
The contractor shall assist with scheduling appointments and administrative check-in of patients for medical appointments.
The contractor shall schedule initial and follow-on appointments or referrals for enrolled members before they leave the Medical Home/Primary Care Clinic.
The contractor shall assist enrolled members as necessary in accessing the electronic DD forms and assist with functional questions during the enrolled member's completion of the assessments and check-in forms.
The contractor shall ensure proper handling, filing and storing of all completed forms in the patient's medical record utilize the T-Con function in AHLTA when required.

Hours of Performance: The hours of performance will vary, not to exceed 40 hours weekly.  The contractor employee for Primary Care/Medical Home at Branch Health Clinic Naval Station Norfolk shall normally provide services for an 8.5 hour shift (to include an uncompensated 30-minute meal break).  The contractor employee(s) for Force and Family Medicine Clinic shall normally provide services for an 8.5 hour shift (to include an uncompensated 30-minute meal break); or a 10-hour shift (to include an uncompensated 30-minute meal break) between the hours of 0800-1800 Monday thru Thursday, with Friday off.  Working days exclude federal holidays.  
Period of Performance: One base year and it may be extended up to 5 years, upon acceptable performance and all necessary state reviews and approvals.

Position Requirements/Qualifications:
  1. Must have successfully completed training as a medical clerk or have sufficient on-the-job training to be able to perform duties herein.
  2. Knowledge of medical terminology.
  3. Knowledge of basic computer skills, including the ability to type on a computer/word processor at 20 words per minute (wpm).
  4. REQUIRED - Minimum of two letters of recommendation from physicians, training instructors or supervisors written within the preceding three years, attesting to the individual’s skills as a medical clerk.  Reference letters must include name, title, phone number, date of reference, address and signature of the individual providing reference.
  5. Special consideration will be given to those employees with previous DOD MTF experience.


Ana Rowling
Recruiter Manager
2151 Linglestown Road, Suite 180 Harrisburg, PA 17110
Email: Tel. 717-364-6181  Fax: 717-412-2100 
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