Therapeutic Medical Physicist (TMP), Edward Hines Jr. VA Hospital

Location: Hines, IL, United States
Date Posted: 01-31-2018
Available Position(s):  Board-Certified Physicist - Therapeutic Medical Physicist (TMP)

Work to be performed at: Both Board-Certified Physicist will work in the Radiotherapy Department of the Edward J. Hines, Jr. VA Hospital located at 5000 South 5th Avenue, Hines, Illinois, 60141. All work performed under this task order will be completed at the VA. The VA Radiotherapy (Oncology) Services are accredited by American College of Radiology (ACR) and follow the standards and guidelines set forth by ACR.

Work Schedule: Services are required 8 hours per day per physicist, Monday through Friday. Exact work hours will be mutually agreed upon by the Hines VAH and the physicists, typically between the hours of 7:00 a.m. and 7:00 p.m. Services will not be required on weekends or Federal Holidays.
Period of Performance: The anticipated period of performance is from February 12, 2018 through May 11, 2018. 

Scope of Work: Therapeutic Medical Physicist duties include, but are not limited to: support for technical questions regarding, patient’s treatment, equipment planning, support, calibration (equipment and treatment units) and maintenance, quality control and quality assurance related activities, physics chart reviews and consultations. Contractor staff shall attend service staff meetings, chart rounds, and quality assurance or peer review meetings as directed by the VA Chief, Radiotherapy Service. The Hines VAH Chief of Staff will provide administrative direction and/or professional guidance to the contractor and its providers. Contractor is responsible for providing services, unless a state of emergency has been declared. The estimated workload volume could be up to 75 patients at a time. Contractor’s care shall cover the range of services as would be provided in a state-of-the-art civilian medical treatment facility.

Specific duties include
1.   Contract TMP is primarily and professionally engaged in the design, optimization and technical evaluation of radiation treatment plans as well as ensuring precise and accurate radiation dose delivery and field placement technique in accordance with the VA Radiation Oncologist’s prescription to a defined tumor volume, and for radiation protection of patients and staff.
2.   Contract TMP shall be available, when necessary, for consultation with the Radiation Oncologist and to provide advice or direction to technical staff when radiation treatments are being planned or when patients are being treated. When possible, Contract TMP should be present to observe and/or help oversee complicated simulations and/or treatment set-ups. 
3.   Contract TMP shall specify and monitor method(s) to calculate MUs or treatment times and ensure independent review(s) of such calculations. Any individual having appropriate training and experience as defined in the PWS may perform the initial calculation(s). Independent review of said calculation(s) shall be performed within a specified period of time.
4.   Contract TMP shall develop and maintain a method for the weekly and systematic review of the charts of all patients under radiation treatment. Contract TMP shall perform a final chart review at the end of the course of radiation treatment to confirm that the prescribed dose has been delivered, and to document the total doses delivered to critical structures. Contract TMP shall document findings and recommendations in the form of an independent consult or progress note in the VA’s Computerized Patient Record System (CPRS) within required timeframes as outlined in the Hines VAH Professional Services Memorandum No. III-1 and on VHA Handbook 1907.01. All charts are subject to quality reviews by the Radiation Safety Officer, Quality Management, or the COR.
5.  The modeling of radiation beams for either planning or documentation purposes are generally performed with the aid of a treatment planning computer system. Contract TMP is responsible for data input into the planning system, which should be based upon measured beam data for the radiation beams in question, and for output from the planning system(s). The output should be tested and documented on a regular periodic basis. The output should agree within the manufacturer's specifications for the treatment planning system and/or published standards
6. Contract TMP will ensure that the treatment planning software updates and bug fixes are installed, tested, and validated in a timely manner. The output should agree within the manufacturer's specifications for the treatment planning system and/or published standards .
7.   Contract TMP is responsible for understanding the calculation algorithm and should document those conditions for which the algorithm and measured data vary by more than 5%. The output of the planning system should be periodically tested by comparisons to direct measurements of the radiation beams. Contract TMP shall ensure that all users of the treatment planning system receive appropriate training.
8. Contract TMP shall be available to provide information in support of VA’s acquisition of radiation-producing machines, accessories, and computerized treatment planning systems. Contract CMP shall also provide information to VA staff on timing of required maintenance of this equipment. Contract TMP shall commission and test any new equipment in accordance with national standards before it is used for patient services and periodically evaluate all equipment for continued utility, appropriateness, reliable performance, age, and condition, as well as make recommendations to VA staff regarding proper maintenance, practical life span, obsolescence, and replacement.
9. Contract TMP shall provide advice and consultation, to VA and third party clinical engineers, for the operation, maintenance, and trouble-shooting of the VA Radiation Oncology’s linear accelerators and CT simulation equipment, all relevant accessories and the computerized network interconnectivity; record and verification systems. 
10. Contract TMP shall develop and maintain a quality management program (QMP) for the dosimetry system(s) and all applications pertinent thereto. Said QMP shall define explicit evaluation criteria intended to ensure that the prescribed dose is delivered in a safe, consistent and accurate manner. Quality management of radiation therapy equipment is primarily an ongoing evaluation of functional performance characteristics. When necessary, Contract TMP shall calibrate each treatment unit in a manner consistent with state and national requirements. 
11. Contract TMP shall coordinate, complete TLD measurements and submit results annually for 3rd party calibration analysis. This analysis confirms that monthly and annual calibrations are accurate and delivering radiation beam as prescribed. 
12. Contract TMP shall carry out medical dosimetry functions with the Medical Dosimetrist and shall receive technical direction from the VA Radiation Oncologist. Alternatively, medical dosimetry functions may be carried out by a Medical Physicist or supervised designee.  In either case, the Contract Medical Physicist shall oversee the medical dosimetry functions of the Radiotherapy Service, functions as a technical advisor of medical dosimetry services and oversees medical dosimetry quality assurance activities.  
13. Contract TMP shall oversee, in conjunction with the Dosimetrist, 2D, 3D, and IMRT treatment planning as required by the service. No Brachytherapy is currently authorized for this facility. 
14. Contract TMP shall consider dose-limiting structures in the design of treatment plans and document dose in accordance with VA Radiation Oncologist prescription. 
15. Contract TMP shall oversee treatment simulations and tumor localization on dedicated devices, including computer tomography and MRI, when indicated, for radiation therapy treatment planning.
16. Contract TMP shall oversee/assist in planning and fabrication of compensating filters, custom shields, wedges, and other beam modifying devices. 
17. Contract TMP shall oversee/assist with production of molds, casts, and other immobilization devices. 
18. Contract TMP shall assist radiation therapy staff in the implementation of the treatment plan including the correct use of immobilization devices, compensators, wedges, field arrangements, and any treatment variable associated with treatment planning implementation. 
19. Contact TMP shall oversee data transfer and fusing of imaging data, tumor and normal structure volume definition, prescription goal and isodose distribution, special port plan, plan development, review of dose volume histograms, dose calculation and accelerator data transfer, individual patient specific QA and associated documentation and weekly monitoring of all treatment delivery. As ordered and prescribed by the radiation oncologist, patients will be provided with special physicist consultations and special dosimetry with appropriate written reports, using diodes, ion chamber measurements or film densitometry.

Therapeutic Medical Physicist (TMP) Qualifications: 
1. Education in medical physics: Hold a Master's degree or higher (PhD is preferred) in a physics, science, or engineering discipline recognized by an accredited college or university with at least 30 semester hours in medical physics, health physics, radiological science, physics, engineering, chemistry, or biology; or an equivalent foreign degree and coursework substantiated by the National Association of Credential Evaluation Services.
2. TMPs must have a minimum of 2 years’ experience working in a clinical radiation therapy department. It is preferred that candidates have prior VA experience, have experience working in an academic environment, and have publication records of scientific research.  
3. Physicists assigned by the Contractor to perform the services covered by this task order shall have a full and unrestricted license in a State, Territory, or Commonwealth of the United States or the District of Columbia, if applicable. Contract physicist(s) who have current, full and unrestricted licenses in one or more states, but who have, or ever had, a license restricted, suspended, revoked, voluntarily revoked, voluntarily surrendered pending action or denied upon application will not be considered for the purposes of this task order.
4. Be Board-Certified in the field of therapeutic medical physics by an approved certifying body. This board certificate must be current and the candidate must abide by the certifying body's requirements for continuing education to maintain certification. Documentation verifying current certification shall be provided to the VA COR.
The three approved certifying bodies are as follows:
(a) The American Board of Radiology (ABR) in any of the following field titles:
1. Therapeutic Medical Physics,
2. Therapeutic Radiologic or Therapeutic Radiological Physics, or
3. Radiologic Physics or Radiological Physics.
(b) The American Board of Medical Physics (ABMP) in the subfield of Radiation
Oncology Physics.
(c) The Canadian College of Physicists in Medicine (CCPM) in the subfield of
Radiation Oncology Physics.
5. Have thorough knowledge and experience complying with the most current version of the American College of Radiology (ACR) Technical Standard for the Performance of Radiation Oncology Physics for External Beam Therapy.



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