Clinical Administrator

Location: Chicago, IL, United States
Date Posted: 01-09-2018

Available Position: Clinical Administrator

County Work Locations: Cook County Juvenile

Scope of Work:
Contracted services for the Court Clinic and the JTDC, including forensic services, clinical coordination, and clinical consultation, as well as clinical screening, assessment, treatment, and discharge planning during detention, will be placed under the prime service provider. In addition, several clinical support responsibilities that are currently served by the Juvenile Probation and Court Services Department will now be included as part of the services required within Court Clinic.
The Clinical Administrator will report directly to the Chief Judge, or his designated administrator, to oversee and coordinate the separate functions of clinical services that interface with youth across diversion, detention, court, and probation touchpoints. Installing this leadership role should help to establish better standards of practice and continuity of care within and across the three youth-serving departments (Juvenile Justice and Child Protection Department, JTDC, and Juvenile Probation and Court Services) as well as enhance the offerings of community-based programs and services.
The Clinical Administrator will work to expand and realign these services as part of his/her ongoing role of overseeing both internal and external clinical behavioral/mental health providers. It will be the Clinical Administrator’s responsibility to evaluate and recalibrate existing services and practices provided within the JTDC, Court Clinic, and Probation’ and it will be the Clinical Administrator’s responsibility to increase linkage to community-based programs and services to ensure that these services align with best practices for court-involved youth and provide appropriate continuity of care.

a) In order to develop a more integrated system in which mental health screening, assessment, referral, and treatment services are overseen by a single entity, it will be important to consider the necessary components of the service array and the ways in which they work together to support effective service delivery.
b) Beyond screening and intake as described above, which may or may not be performed by clinical personnel, this expansion of the service array should increase the availability of four types of services: Assessment; Traditional Mental Health Treatment, Substance Use Treatment, and Coordination of In-Home Services and Community Supports.
c) The OCJ has accepted the recommendations found in the Independent Review/Study (mention in this RFP section 1.4.4) regarding the recalibration of the service array which are summarized in the following Chart 2. The table delineates the recommended adjustments to the current service array that will require practice changes in 1) the approach to services already provided; 2) capacity changes to the services already provided, or 3) the addition of certain services not currently provided at each intervention point.

Each center has a dedicated JTDC staff: Team Leader, Assistant Team Leaders, Caseworkers, Youth Development Specialists, Recreational staff; and an assigned Mental Health staff: Clinical Psychologist, Mental Health Specialist, Licensed Clinical Social Worker, and Psychiatrist or Advanced Practice Nurse (APN).

Position Requirements/Qualifications 
Clinical Psychologist License in the State of New Jersey
Clinical Social Worker License in the State of New Jersey

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