Registered Nurse, Carl M. Brashear Radcliff Veterans Center

Location: Radcliff, KY, United States
Date Posted: 12-18-2017
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We are seeking Nursing services for an available contract opportunity at the Radcliff Veterans Center.
Available Position:   Emergency Nursing services - Registered Nurse (RN), Licensed Professional Nurse (LPN) and Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA).

Work Hours: RVC will use this contract for emergency use only and needs to consider location for emergency needs. Emergency needs require a pool (RN and LPN) to pull from located within driving distance/close proximity to the THVC facility. Overnight stays are not considered in this RFP.

Place of Performance: Carl M. Brashear Radcliff Veterans Center, located at 100 Veterans Drive Radcliff, KY 40160.

Purpose and Background: Carl M. Brashear Radcliff Veterans Center is seeking temporary nursing services at the Carl M. Brashear Radcliff Veterans Center (RVC), a 120 bed long-term care facility located at 100 Veterans Drive Radcliff, KY 40160. The purpose of the proposal is to provide an adequate level of nursing staff, RN and LPN for emergency needs. Emergency Staffing is defined as: short staffed (various reasons) and unable to reschedule RVC staffing to meet needs of residents.

Registered Nurse (RN) Scope: 
The duties required of emergency staff shall include but are not limited to as follows:
1.--Supervise professional and ancillary employees in the administration of efficient nursing care of residents and makes recommendations to the nursing administrator and nurse shift supervisor.
2.--Provide counsel and applies procedures to safeguard life and health.
3.--Provide first level supervision and evaluation to the nursing care staff.
4.--Document, communicate , and report administrative and clinical issues in a clear and concise manner to appropriate personnel.
5.--Assess, plan interventions, evaluate and implement resident plans of care.
6.--Ensure updates are specific and timely.
7.--Confer with licensed personnel regarding resident conditions, changes in care needs, treatment, notification of health care providers (MD/ARNP), and disposition to external facility.
8.--Assign clinical staff based on knowledge, skills and expertise to meet identified resident/ patient care needs.
9.--Participate in all aspects of direct care including responding to emergency situations.
10.--Make essential entries on essential records.
11.--Participate in staff education and serve as a preceptor in new employee orientation.
12.--Administer medication and treatment as prescribed. 13.--Accept and account for prescription drugs and related paraphernalia.
14.--Explain medication purpose, dosage , and possible side effects to patients.
15.--Participate as a member of patient’s individual treatment team.
16.--Attend in-service training programs.
17.--Participate in drills for and responds to facility emergencies.
18.--Utilize standard infection control procedures.

Licensed Professional Nurse (LPN) Scope: 
1.--Perform nursing practice under the direction of a registered nurse or physician.
2.--Perform acts requiring knowledge and skills such as are taught or acquired in approved schools for practical nursing.
3.--Observe and care for the ill, injured or infirmed within scope of his/her education and clinical skills.
4.--Collect nursing assessment data.
5.--Provide counsel and applies procedures to safeguard life and health.
6.--Administer medication and treatment as prescribed.
7.--Explain medication purposes, dosages and possible side effects to residents.
8.--Accept and account for prescription drugs and related paraphernalia. Observes and reports skin breakdown. 9.--Collect , label, and record sputum, urine or stool specimens for laboratory analysis.
10.--Teach and delegate to others the performance of nursing care activities.
11.--Supervise unlicensed assistive personnel in the performance of resident care activities.
12.--Participate as a member of the resident’s individual treatment team.
13.--Assist medical and other professional staff. Consult with registered nurses, ARNP or physician on situations beyond the scope of his/her education and clinical skills.
14.--Participate in emergency drills and respond to facility emergencies.
15.--Document pertinent medical information in resident’s clinical record.
16.--Update resident representative of changes in condition.
17.--Accept and account for drugs and related paraphernalia.
18.--Communicate with resident s ’ family members.
19.--Report unusual incidents with staff or residents to supervisor.
20.--Utilize standard infection control procedures.
21.--Accepts work in a neighborhood as assigned per shift as necessary to maintain optimal

Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) Scope:
1.--Perform sub-professional and non-technical tasks in the personal care of residents.
2.--Assist residents with personal hygiene such as bathing, dental/oral care, hair/nail care dressing, and incontinence care.
3.--Assist residents with bowel and bladder functions by escorting to bathroom, providing bedpans, performing catheter care, etc.
4.--Check and record food and fluid intake, bowel movements and urine output.
5.--Assist with meals and nourishments.
6.--Measure records on resident’s chart. Participates in treatment team meetings.
7.--Attend in-service training programs. 8.--Report unusual incidents of staff or patients to a licensed nurse.
9.--Participate in drills and responds to facility emergencies.
10.--Change and transport soiled and contaminated linens.
11.--Turn and reposition physically dependent residents to maintain comfort and relieve pressure every two hours per facility protocol.
12.--Aid residents in preparation for activities and programs within and outside the center.
13.--Assist residents in transferring by lifting them manually or by use of mechanical lifts as needed.
14.--Utilize standard infection control procedures.

Current state nurse license( RN., LPN or CNA registration)
Current CPR certification.


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Recruiter Manager
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